Hello, I'm Jasmine!

I'm a first year PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

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Jasmine Jerry Aloor
First Year Graduate Student,(MIT)

Major: Aeronautical And Astronatical Engineering (MIT AeroAstro)

Robotics has always captivated me. Autonomous systems are at the forefront, but appropriate optimization and intelligent consideration of the tradeoffs involved can help these approaches reach their full potential. I am keen on exploring motion planning and control for dynamic multi-agent systems, with a special emphasis on safety, robustness, and human interactivity. I have worked on imitation learning for social navigation, control barrier functions, and coverage path planning in my past research experiences combining Control Theory, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

I am pursuing graduate studies from Fall 2022 at DINaMo Group, MIT with Professor Hamsa Balakrishnan to strengthen my knowledge further and contribute to the research community. I aim to use a design-based approach backed by strong fundamentals, to help create a breakthrough in my field.

Get to know about my skills below!


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From my freshman year, I began dabbling in the various fields of robotics beginning with embedded systems and controls, to computer vision and deep learning

  • Soccer Playing Ground Robots (RoboSoccer)
  • Aerial Robots
  • Space Robotics

Aerospace Engineering

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I'm fascinated by all things aerospace and am particularly interested in

  • Aerospace Control Systems
  • Aircraft Design
  • Aeromodelling

Artificial Intelligence

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Robotics is something I am passionate about. I am confident and have applied these technologies for robots and aircraft systems

  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Algorithms

Research Experience

This section showcases some of my best and latest work I have created with links to the projects and a brief description.

Here are some of my research experiences
X-Plane Visualization image

Socially Aware Imitation Learning in Multi-Aircraft Shared Airspace

Developing safe and socially aware motion planning method using imitation learning for general aviation (GA) aircraft in multi-aircraft shared airspace. Incorporating safety through formal logic methods.
Robotics Institute Summer Scholar RISS Program, AirLab, Carnegie Mellon University

Social Navigation STL Multi Agent System

PreprintWorking Paper Preliminary Research Showcase
Two UAV simulation on Gazebo image

Multi UAV Trajectory Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance

Developed and simulated a pair of UAVs to track a moving target. Implemented Barrier Lyapunov Functions to maintain desired formation. Internship at the GCDS Lab, IISc.

ROS Gazebo Obstacle Avoidance Barrier Functions

Paper Video
RobotArm image

Deep Learning based Manipulator Arm Inverse Dynamics

Data driven approach to learn inverse dynamics of a robotic manipulator arm. Developed a setup on ROS to learn model dynamics when model information is not provided.
Worked remotely at McGill University as a part of MITACS Globalink Research Internship.

Deep Learning Manipulation Inverse Dynamics

UAV Agriculture environment image

Agri-Drone Pest Detection and Path Planning

Coverage path planning for agricultural field. Optimal trajectory, safe and robust control using Control Barrier Functions. Bachelor's Thesis Project

Deep Learning Agri Drone Path Planning

DAAD image

FLYing maniPULATOR: Fully Actuated Aerial Manipulator Project

Analysed the omnidirectional controllability, studied nonlinear control theory, and dynamics of existing system for fault-tolerant control. Transitioned project software stack ROS1 to ROS2 and optimized the code.
Worked remotely with TU Dresden as a part of DAAD WISE Scholarship 2020.

Nonlinear Controllability ROS2

Below are some of my Robotics Projects!
Robocup image

RoboSoccer Small Sized League

Among top 25 teams in the world that qualified for SSL RoboCup 2019, a robot soccer competition. Worked on motor control and embedded systems. Results to be published soon.

RoboCup KRSSG Embedded

Team's GitHub
Image Processing Ground Robot image

Crusade Robotix

IIT Kharagpur's tech fest Kshitij 2019 Image processing Robot based on Raspberry Pi.

Tech Fest Image Processing RPi

Fuzzy motor implementation image

Fuzzy Logic Control for PID

Developed and tested an optimized Fuzzy control code for motor velocities. Applied on the RoboSoccer 2020 robots. Showed robustness even when disturbances were applied.

Fuzzy Velocity Control

Here are some of the aerospace and controls projects that I have done!
Box Wing project

Box Wing MAV

Built, tested and studied properties for an improvised box wing MAV. Presented at the National Conference of Wind Tunnel Testing, Kanpur, India (2020)

MAV Box Wing Aerodynamics

PreprintVideo Conference Paper
Glider flying

Range optimization of a guided projectile

Using a Homotopy method, determine the maximum range for a guided projectile based on optimal controls.

Trajectory control Homotopy Optimize

NACDEC Project CAD Design

National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition 2, 3, 4

Won 3rd Place NACDeC-2: Designed a solar powered and fuel cell combination twin propeller high aspect ratio wing aircraft. Competition by the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI). Led the Department Team for NACDeC-4.

Aircraft Design Conceptual Design

Some additional projects are listed below
Panoramic Image Generation

Panoramic Image Generation

Automated tool that performed multiple image stitching followed by blending. Semester Project, Image Processing, Autumn 2018.

Image Processing

MathWorks Napoli Minidrone Competition 2021

MathWorks Minidrone Competition 2021

Led the IITKGP Aerospace Team for MathWorks Napoli Minidrone Competition 2021, to develop algorithm for a line follwing drone on Simulink. Event cancelled after submission round.

Coming soon! Robotics and AI

Coming soon

AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS)

UAV club team to participate in the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) Competition 2021. Event delayed due to COVID-19

UAV Team Head


This section contains my publications and articles. ORCID logo0000-0003-4257-3870

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Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I accept any feedback and general questions